Name: Marcos Azevedo Pedroso
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 18/12/2017

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Mirian do Amaral Jonis Silva Advisor *

Examining board:

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Eliane Ferreira de Sá External Examiner *
Miriam de Magdala Pinto Advisor *
Patricia Silveira da Silva Trazzi Internal Examiner *

Summary: This work was developed from a sequence of investigative teaching with CTS focus
to work on modern physics topics with high school students. The articulation of the
CTS approach and teaching by research has provided a more critical view of science
and technology as well as its implications in society. Besides that, the theoreticalmethodological contribution of research teaching has proved to be a great alternative for the student to become more participative in class and thus to contribute
effectively, not only as a spectator but with an effective participation in the teachinglearning process. The qualitative research was developed in two high school classes,
in a public high school, located in the municipality of Serra, ES. The aim of this study
was to devalue the effectiveness of the articulation of teaching with a CTS approach
with research teaching in the approach of complex physical concepts, such as the
Theory of Relativity, represented in equation E = mc². The didactic sequence lasted 8
classes in each class lasting 55 minutes each class. The data produced from the
video and audio recordings of the class discussions and their textual productions
were analyzed based on the categorization proposed by Trassi (2016), in order to
verify the process of appropriation of the concepts related to the theory of relativity in
the equation E=mc², its meaning and its importance for the development of science,
technology and its implication in society. The results showed that students
approached the scientifically accepted concept and that, therefore, the articulation
between the CTS approach and research teaching, in the way it was conducted, is a
potentially valid and appropriate pedagogical alternative for the teaching of physical
knowledge related to modern and contemporary physics, from a socio-scientific

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