Name: Wesley Quintiliano Vidigal
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 26/08/2019

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Sergio Mascarello Bisch Advisor *

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Flavio Gimenes Alvarenga Internal Examiner *
Luiz Otávio Buffon External Examiner *
Sergio Mascarello Bisch Advisor *

Summary: In this work we analyze the insertion of investigative activities on topics of basic
Astronomy, such as the shape of the Earth, gravitational field, day and night, terrestrial
orbit, seasons of the year, Solar System and sky observation, in a mini-course of initial
training applied to two classes of undergraduate students in Biological Sciences of the
Federal University of Espírito Santo. We adopt as theoretical reference the Meaningful
Learning Theory, as well as assumptions of the Inquiry-Based Learning. The research
that originated this work is of qualitative nature, seeking to use as reference works that
address the initial training of Basic Education teachers. In the implementation of the
activities the previous conceptions about teaching, content and methodologies, of the
participants were considered. The first application of this short course took place in
October 2017, WHERE the approach methodology was essentially traditional, based on
application of seminars, lectures and workshops. The second application of the short
course occurred in August and September of 2018, in which it was sought to apply a
inquiry-based teaching methodology. In the elaboration of the activities of the second
short course, we consider the skills and abilities provided in the National Curricular
Common Base (BNCC), WHERE we seek to use accessible and low-cost teaching
equipment and materials. The registration of the application of these activities was
made from images, class recordings and application of questionnaires. The data
indicate that the investigative activities, present in the second short course, gave
students an appropriation of fundamental concepts of Astronomy, besides promoting
learning of procedures and attitudes, culminating in a more active posture of these in
their learning process. The educational product of this dissertation compiles a series
of investigative activities, in the form of didactic material, and can be used as reference
for the teaching of Astronomy contents in Basic Education.

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