Name: Raphael Furtado Coelho
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 18/10/2019

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Geide Rosa Coelho Advisor *

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Geide Rosa Coelho Advisor *
Sergio Mascarello Bisch Internal Examiner *
Sidnei Quezada Meireles Leite External Examiner *

Summary: In this paper, we present a proposal for the introductory teaching of radiation, by
conducting studies on the benefits and risks generated by them. To this end, we
developed a Teaching Sequence focusing on Science, Technology and Society
(SECTS), which was articulated to an investigative perspective and developed with
twenty first-grade students of the Technician in Integrated High School Informatics
course at the Federal Institute of Espírito Santo. - Cachoeiro de Itapemirim Campus.
This teaching sequence, presenting assumptions of the Science, Technology and
Society (CTS) approach, made possible the articulation of concepts of Radiation
Physics, with themes of socio-scientific relevance. The Intervention Research, chosen
as a methodological design, was applied in the form of a teaching complementation
project, in which the data produced and collected through reports in field diaries, audio
and video recordings and other written productions made it possible to highlight
appropriations of the research. attitudinal and procedural learning as: the valorization
of the scientific approaches of the proposed problems, the critical and reflexive
positions before the problem situations, the structuring of ideas through written or oral
language, the use of models to interpret the proposed themes and formulation of
hypotheses. In addition to these learnings, evidence of conceptual appropriations
about radiation, such as ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, radioactive decay, energy
of electromagnetic and corpuscular radiation, among others, were found in the analysis
of the data collected in this research.

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